Becky Scott

Senior Program Manager - Cisco Systems

    Becky Scott is a Senior Program Manager at Cisco Systems. She works with the Intellectual Capital Transformation team to transform the way Cisco Services captures and reuses knowledge by leveraging social media tools and techniques. Using communities, collaboration, gamification and more to design custom social knowledge management environments / solutions for internal customers, Cisco has been able to launch new collaboration platforms / sites, redefine best practices and establish a new approach to Social Knowledge Management.
Her experience includes creating organization and technology solutions (Social Knowledge, Communities, Contract Management, Vendor Engagements, Evaluating Technology Solutions) and working across myriad team structures and verticals.

    Becky is a true connector, bringing together people from a variety of areas and experiences to affect change in organizations. She is able to combine high level strategy with practical implementation to ensure the success of her team’s projects, working together toward a common goal.

    Prior to joining Cisco, Becky was a consultant for social media and community programs for enterprise and SMBs. She also worked in student programs at UC San Diego.

    Becky has a BA in English from San Diego State University. She serves on the marketing committee for TEDxSanDiego. Her current work is focused on Social Ideation and how innovation programs can help companies fundamentally transform their business. She lives in San Diego, CA.