Emilyanne Atkinson

CEO - Wilmington Technology Guild

    It is Emilyanne’s personal mission to build the tech sector of the economy for Wilmington, NC and she’s doing so with a three-pronged approach.  The first is through her two-year-old non-profit Cape Fear Women in Tech.  Cape Fear Women in Tech’s vision is to make the Cape Fear region the number one employer of women in technology careers per capita in the country.  We do this by championing opportunities for women in technology in the Cape Fear region, empowering women to strive for these competitive positions, and inspiring women to lead in those roles.

    The second way is by deepening the tech talent pool with the schools.  She is working with Cape Fear Community College to help structure and staff their technology curriculum.  Emilyanne also sits on the advisory board for UNCW’s Data Science program, and serves as a frequent panelist, speaker and subject matter for UNCW.

    For almost 8 years, Emilyanne worked as a Senior Database Administrator.  Last year she went freelance as a DevOps engineer.  Since then, Emilyanne has been working with her extensive network and coordinating other talent into teams to handle projects that come in from all over the US.  We also are a staffing resource for local businesses looking for talent.  The Wilmington Technology Guild is the third way she has been building the tech sector’s economy.